Your Daily 180 – Things God Cannot Do


in this series of lessons we’ve been
talking about things that are impossible
for not God to do I want to spend these
last two days on this subject by talking
about something that is incredible that
God can do he can wash every sin away he
can make it possible for you and for me
to have a relationship with him through
the sacrifice of Jesus Christ through
the sacrifice of his son Isaiah 59
wanted to tell us us that sin separates
us from God God is a perfect holy God
and it’s impossible for him to have
fellowship with those who are in sin but
God said just God but he’s also a
merciful God so he provided the payment
through His Son Jesus and that payment
the blood of Christ when we respond to
God’s love by being loving he can remove
every sin
it requires on our part though that we
get to know him it’s a very logical
process faith comes by hearing and
hearing by the Word of God we’ve got to
dig into the word and discover who he is
and and develop that faith that comes
from a diligent effort hebrews chapter
11 and verse 6 and when that happens the
only reasonable thing for a person to do
is to say I don’t want to live my way I
don’t want to live according to my
standards I want to live like Jesus
that’s called repentance and we’ve
talked about earlier in our studies that
repentance is a change of heart that
leads to a change of life to a
reformation of life it’s not just
subtracting a bunch of bad things from
your life but it is buying into God’s
system and when we’ve done that then it
only makes sense it only makes sense
that we say you know what I’m not
ashamed to own my Lord I’m not ashamed
to tell the whole world that I believe
that he’s the Christ the Son of the
Living God and if we’re willing to do
that then we should be willing to be
United with him in baptism for the
forgiveness of sins Paul would say in
acts 22 and verse 16 when he became a
Christian that Ananias came to him and
said and now why are you waiting arise
and be baptized
can wash away your sins calling on the
name of the Lord now remember it’s sin
that separates us from God someone says
Paul was saved earlier no no no you
can’t be saved and still be in your sins
his sins were washed away in Baptism and
once we do that then it only makes sense
that we live for Jesus being really
committed to something precious is to be
committed enough to die for it are you
willing to die die to cells die to your
sinful ways die to your selfishness if
you’re willing to do that then you
should be willing to live faithful for
Jesus Christ join us again tomorrow

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