Ten Sermons Jesus Would Definitely Preach

If you had the pulpit what would you preach?  Many believe that their hobby should be preached nine out of every ten sermons.  For one it is hell, another God’s abundant grace, others would say, divorce, lying, baptism, love, the church, forgiveness etc.  If we’re not careful we might think that our limited understanding or worse our-selfish desires should determine the content of the pulpit.  That can be a preacher’s nightmare.  The good news is that neither you nor I have a right to “control” the pulpit.  Here are ten sermons Jesus would definitely preach.

To The Outsider Jesus Would Preach – “Come Follow Me.” Matthew 9:9 Jesus extended a profound invitation to a tax collector, an outsider, “Follow Me.”.  

To The Morally Weak Jesus Would Preach – “Go And Sin No More.”  In John 8:1—11 we find that they brought a woman to Jesus that had been caught in the very act of adultery.  They sought to use this 

incident to entrap Jesus (John 8:6).  Jesus sought fairness and redemption.  Jesus offered hope “Go and sin no more.” 

To The Religious Elitist Jesus Would Preach – “Start Over.”  In John 3, a “Pharisee” and “a ruler of the Jews” comes to Jesus.  He had the roots, the education, and the respect.  Jesus says, to him you need to be “born again” (John 3.3) or in other words you need to “Start Over.”  

To The Religious Frauds Jesus Would Preach – “Woe To You.”  In Matthew 23 Jesus boldly rebuked the religious elites.  At least seven times Jesus calls these frauds “hypocrites.”  In verse 28 he says they are full of “hypocrisy.”  Jesus declared that their religion was merely a “show” (to be seen by men – verse 5).  He says that their evangelism makes the converts “twice as much a son of hell” as them (verse 15).  He tells them that they are rotten to the core (verses 25—27).  He calls them snakes (verse 33).  

To Those Who Would Trifle With Sin Jesus Would Preach “It Is Better To Go Through Life Maimed Than To Go To Hell Whole.”  In Mark 9:43—48 Jesus tells us that sin must be dealt with in a radical way.  He also tells us that if we do not deal with sin in a radical way the reality of a fiery hell awaits us.  

To The Penitent Obedient Sinner Jesus Would Preach – “Your Sins Are Forgiven.”  In Luke 7:36—50 a woman who is called a “sinner” was compelled to approach Jesus.  She was filled with love and gratitude for forgiveness (the parable that Jesus speaks in her presence Luke 7:41—42) is a picture of what was happening.  

To The Spiritually Lazy Jesus Would Preach – “You Wicked Servant.”  In Matthew 25:14—30 Jesus teaches the parable of “The Talents.”  One of the three in this parable had received one talent from his master.  He was a fearful man.  He thought breaking-even ought to be good enough.  So he buried the one talent and made no effort to increase his master’s resources.  When the master returned he said, “‘you wicked and lazy servant…” (Verse 26).  

To The Lukewarm Jesus Would Preach – “You Make Me Sick.”  In Revelation 3:14—22 is the Lord’s letter to the church at Laodicea.  They had become a useless church!  They were the church that the Lord will not stomach!  Why?  Because they were so self-sufficient that they say “'I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing…” (Verse 17).  To Those Who Have Never Obeyed The Gospel Jesus Would Preach – “Repent And Be Baptized.”  The Lord taught that we need faith (John 8.24), repentance (Luke 13.3), confession (Matthew 10.32—33), baptism (Mark 16.16), and faithful living (Revelation 2.10).  

To The Prodigal Jesus Would Preach – “Come Home.”  The Lord doesn’t take sin lightly.  The father says that the boy who left home was dead (verse 24, 32).  Yet the father was anxious to forgive.  We serve a God who is anxious to forgive (Micah 7.18).  Prodigals need to be encouraged to come home!  And when they arrive they need to be accepted (verses 28—32).  

The next time you begin to think “If I had the pulpit I would….”  Stop and ask, “What would Jesus preach?”